English and Dutch into Slovak Translations

Vertalingen van Engels en Nederlands naar Slowaaks / preklady z angličtiny a holandčiny do slovenčiny

dr. Jana Šamalíková Kapustová


Dutch into Slovak

  • Articles and Brochures about breastfeeding, child care, infant feeding, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Birth certificates (non-sworn translation)
  • Dutch healthcare system articles
  • Transportation/Railways
  • Finance, Investment funds brochures
  • Company profile and handbook
  • Safety instructions
  • Notary’s statement, Alternation of the Articles (non-sworn translation)
  • Letters

English into Slovak

  • Medical equipment/devices brochures
  • EU leaflets
  • Company profiles
  • Press releases
  • Instructions for use
  • Ethics Code
  • PhD dissertation
  • Promotion texts
  • Localization of a business process/travel focused website
  • Legal note
  • Terms and conditions
  • Product description and specification
  • Forex trading